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Congratulations on being discharged from the hospital,
I am Smart a heart failure chatting helper, for helping the healthy everyday lives of the patients for 30 days in the future.

If you recognize/scan the QR Code,
you can meet me.

The installation method

  • 1


    Please put in, by attaching, the address below in the Internet search window. Or, please recognize/scan the QR Code

  • 2

    Installing and registering

    In case the Facebook Messenger has been installed previously, Smart, who is the heart keeper, gets executed automatically. And, if it has not been installed, it gets connected automatically to Facebook in order to be able to receive and register the download of an application free of charge.

  • 3

    Beginning a conversation

    If the chatting window of Smart, who is a heart keeper, gets executed, a conversation can be begun by pressing ‘Start’

The installation and use of all of the notebooks, desktops, and smartphones are possible. And, when connecting to the same account, it gets interlocked without any relation to the device. And it gets reconnected to the time point of the last use.

The Smart User’s Manual

  • 01If you click the logo in the upper part of the chatting window, you can do the basic setting, including the information cycle, the deactivation, etc.
  • 02If you click the option/the answer which can be selected by a figure, it gets indicated in the blue color.
  • 03The content that is guided by the chatbot gets indicated in the grey background.
  • 04If an option/answer that the user can select appears, please click.
  • 05In the lower part of the chatting window, there is a menu, with which the main information can be confirmed at any time. While using a chatting window, at any time, with the main menu, the information of the movement or the information that is desired can be confirmed.
At any time, during the use of the chatting window, if you get around to suspending, when connecting the next time, the last screen gets indicated just the way it is. Even if it takes a little time until the answer by the chatbot, please wait. In case the additional answer does not get vitalized in the chatting window, if you click the last answer window once, the answer by the chatbot gets around to being continued.

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